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Assembly Instructions

Important Information

These instructions are intended to assist you in a standard open access locker with locked compartment and foot locker installation. Individual job conditions will dictate the type of fasteners and whether the lockers must be anchored to the wall, the floor, or both. If you are unsure you can contact a SportLox representative to make an appointment with one of our professional installers.


Assembly Instructions


Fasteners are provided to assemble the open access locker, but fasteners are not provided to anchor the locker to the wall. These will vary according to the anchoring conditions.

All bolted connections should be finger tight initially. Square locker before tightening all connections.

Adjust all doors to operate freely if required. If built-in locks are installed, make certain locks operate properly before closing doors.

  1. Assemble left upright to back. Side flange of back should be on the outside. (Heads of the bolts on the outside with the nuts to the inside).
  2. Add top panel to the back and upright at the top. The top panel has no stiffening ribs. Top panel flanges should go inside left upright and back. Rectangular notches go toward the front. (Heads of the bolts on the outside with the nuts to the inside).
  3. Attach 3-sided door frame and door assembly to left upright and top. (Heads of the bolts on the outside and locker top).
  4. Attach partition to back, top panel, and right edge of 3-sided door frame.
  5. Attach shelf underneath the 3-sided door frame ot the left upright, back, and partition.
  6. Attach right upright to back, top panel, and shelf.
  7. Attach floor panel to back, left upright, and right upright. Floor panel has 2 stiffening ribs underneath. Rectangular notches go to the front.
  8. Attach left s seat side rail to left upright and right seat side rail to right upright.
  9. Attach the hinge rail with seat assembly to the left and right seat side rails.
  10. Attach coat hooks, coat rod brackets, and coat rod. (Heads of the bolts on the outside with the nuts to the inside).
  11. Attach front panel to 4-sided frame assembly. (Heads of the bolts on the inside of the front panel with the nuts on the inside of the frame).
  12. Bolt 4-sided frame assembly with front panel to the assembled locker body. (Heads of the bolts on the outside with the nuts to the inside). This completes the assembly of the open-access locker.

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